Thule Hullavator

Hi, looking at the Thule 897 Hullavator. Reviews seem great, looks easy to use. Will use them on our new Pungo

120. Has anyone used this style? If so what did you think.


Hullavator Heaven
I live mine. We have a pickup truck with a very high cap on the bed (highest part is 8 feet tall from the ground) and could not load kayaks without this. Not cheap but solved a big problem for me. A real help for me 5’1" Wife!

This is my 3rd season for using my

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Hullivator and I've NEVER been sorry I purchased it. Got a great deal on our two from EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports). If buying used, just make sure it's the newer style as Thule had problems with the gas struts on the original model.
I, like your wife, am short and an older adult. Hubby installs them on my car early spring. I could but he's better suited due to being taller than I am.
Mine are mounted on Yakima bars and I did buy locks for both the bars and the Hullavator (Thule). I was able to buy the bars at a garage sale for $5.
Many folks have had a new lease to paddle due to the Hullivator whereas they weren't able due to a previous back injury, age, or height.
Enjoy the Hullivator and don't be surprised if someone walks up and asks for a demo. I had this happen at a gas station by a man who was driving a full sized van. He was in awe and said he was going to try to talk his wife into one, or two.

The Best
The purchase of a set of Hullavators were the best paddling purchase I have ever made.

The worst purchase was a 2011 Dodge Durango - because the Hullavators do not fit on to it.

Kayak-to-Hullavator value ratio
I would love to have a Hullavator. But I wouldn’t buy one to use with a Pungo. I would take the $500-600 value of the Hullavator and I would get a better kayak, like the Delta 12.10, which is better than the Pungo in every respect. The price of the Hullavator plus the Pungo just about equals the Delta 12.10.

The Delta weighs 43 lbs. If that’s still too heavy, learn alternative ways of loading it.


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Don't forget to review the Malone Telos load assist..less maintenance, cheaper and very reliable. I have one and love it....

I found out that can not use 2 hullavators s as the weight of pun go it over 140 lbs more than the jeep can take. Did you use then Malone?

Do I read it correctly that you have a Jeep, if so which one…? … With the weight of a Pungo, you can load it manually without any assist device like Malone Telos or Hullavator… I used to load a Castaway 116 on my F150 truck by using a Thule outrigger bar…

My new kayak (Wilderness Tarpon 120) weighs 70lbs and I went for the Malone Telos because the Hullavator is too expensive and too bulky… The Telos load bars (jacks) are removable… Hope this helps…