Thule kayak carriers

I’m planning to buy a Thule kayak carrier, but need some advice/info. (1) On the Thule website, their videos for the DockGlide & DockGrip carriers show the saddles sliding into the crossbars. My 2010 Chevy Equinox has factory installed oval-shaped crossbars, but there isn’t a slot to slide the Thule saddles into. Their website indicated that these carriers would work with my car though. I’m confused. Do I need to buy Thule crossbars too? (2) Is it significantly better for a kayak to be carried horizontally, like with Thule’s DockGlide & DockGrip rather than on their side like with the Thule J-shaped Hull-a-Port Pro? I have only one kayak now, but I may get a second one.
Thanks in advance!

Thule makes mounting brackets that are specific for what ever bar style you have, though some adaptors are sold separately. If you call direct they should be able to tell you if you need an adaptor,
Whether you carry your kayak on edge or laying flat is personal preference, often debated on this forum. With J racks most cars can carry 3 boats instead of 2 boats laying flat depending on the width of your kayak.

Thanks. I’ll give them a call.