Thule Kayak Stackers

We are wanting to attach some Thule Kayak Stackers or Thule Hull a Port (those J shaped cradles) to our factory racks. I was wondering if I could get some opinions of either of these products. We will be hauling 2 Perception America 13.5’ kayaks. Thanks!

Malone makes a better one.

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Yeah, get Malone. I was thinking of buying Thule but then after some price comparision and good reviews I decided on the Malone Autoloaders for only $85 shipped, $50 less than Thule Hull a ports.

I also like the Malone brackets better. Quick on and off. I changed out the nuts for wing nuts. Two wing nuts on each one cradle and they are on.

both are great but…
Remember with the Stackers, if you upgrade from plastic to fiberglass, then you will no longer be able to use the stackers. If you have no plans to do so in the future, then the stackers are a nice and affordable solution to rack multiple kayaks.

I have the Hulaports on…
Yakama Bars.

The cradles themselves are good, but they are no way worth what they charge.

I replaced all the hardware to the clamps with bolts and nuts. Their Phillips head screws with rubber washers and the plastic wing nut was useless. As you tighten the wing nut the rubber washer just tears apart, and if you constantly take them on and off as I have to the Phillips head just tears up.

I also drilled through them and through my round bars and added a removable bolt since no matter how tight you try to get them on a round bar, they will still rotate when you put pressure against them.



With all that said, If you want to carry a bunch of yaks on your roof the J cradles are the way to go

I guess you are talking about actually
STACKING fiberglass boats on top of each other (bad idea). I have used my stackers to haul plastic, fiberglass and kevlar boats. The glass and kevlar boats are set up on edge against the stackers with foam blocks.

understand that’s possible but…
to me the whole purpose of my rack setup is to eliminate the need for foam. Sure you can pad out the cross bars and use the stackers as just another anchor point but why? At that point isn’t the stacker just taking up space on the rack? If you are actually strapping the kayaks on their sides, then do you pad out both the stacker and the cross bar?

I Stack My “Glass” Boats
no big deal. Then, again, I don’t fret too much about my equipment. Figure I can fix it and learn the hard way that it won’t work. No damage yet.


sounds good…
I am definitely do not baby my kayaks and love the sight of a completely worn out kayak sporting smears of epoxy from a variety of hastily repaired “quick fixes.” I just happened to be on Thule’s website yesterday and was reading how they didn’t recommend glass boats on the stackers and I assumed they had some safety reasoning that would go beyond simply superficial dents/cracks. Heck it’s not even a problem for me as I just sold my glass kayak (Valkyrie) and so my fleet is all plastic now until my SOF arrives and until I buy another glass boat in the spring. I also have saddles so that’s where I’d but glass boats but it is nice to know the capabilities of what my car can haul safely.

Composite boats go on edge
with foam blocks on the stackers to conform to hull shape, no padding on crossbars. I can haul two composite boats with the stackers. My poly Tempest goes on the same way. When hauling whitewater boats, one goes directly against the stacker on edge, on the other side of the stacker, I can lay two flat (one on top of the other) which yields a three-boat carrying capacity.

The stackers give me the versatility to haul 1-3 boats and seemed the best choice for my needs.

Do these fit on factory racks? I don’t want to go to a lot of expense to replace my current factory racks. Thanks, Tricia

The bracket fits thule, yakima, and factory racks. Highly recommended.

Not Thule
because it’s hoop shape and takes too much room on the rack. Get a single pole stacker. I have one made my Angst (white water). Yakima makes a single pole as well.