Thule must not want sales.........

Cannot get through to their “customer service” number…places you on indefinite hold and they do not call you back. Ditto with trying to email them. Web site does not give complete specs or availability for newer car models…oh well, guess I’ll stick with round bars.

Contact Marshall

He’ll get you set up and as he’s a Thule dealer, you can order whatever you need through him.

Better to support a small business dedicated to the sport versus some box store.

has provided swift service for things I have ordered.

…appreciate the heads up.

call a dealer
Marshall is outstanding. Now that I’ve seen that in action, I’d approach him first on anything he carries.

But I’ve had the same experience with Thule and Yakima, and ended up getting great support from RackAttack.

Rack Attack…
Have had dealings with them on 2 occasions.

I was very pleased with their operation on both occasions.

If I have rack needs in the future; I will not waste my time going elsewhere. Suggest you save yourself some hassles, and do likewise.


P.S. My personal way of thinking; I would rather spend 50 dollars more than I “might” spend elsewhere to get what I want, when I want it, and avoid hassles. Your thinking may differ.

That’s precisely why I prefer Marshall.
“I would rather spend 50 dollars more than I ‘might’ spend elsewhere to get what I want, when I want it, and avoid hassles.”

Except I’ve never spent $50 more because his prices are very competitive.

Another thumbs up for Marshall @ The River Connection

another endorsement of Marshall
I’m close enough (1 hour) that I can drive out there, but I have also bought mail order.

Not only are his prices always very competitive, but he has saved me money many times by finding some used or leftover merchandise that he has sold me at deep discount.

Lastly, Marshall installs as part of the purchase, whether back-band, racks with way too many parts,or fussy drysuit gaskets. Marshall is a great advocate for the sport, and will end up being a great friend for anyone who is fortunate enough to meet him.

(I’m currently enjoying the North Shore Ocean 17 that I bought used from Marshall. Beautiful kayak!)

Yakima makes Aero bars too
They not only offer great customer service, they also sell parts for really old racks, and they make Aero bars if round is not your thing.