Thule part help

Please help me identify what this Thule part is for. Have two of them. No part number but does have date code for May 2005. So far my internet search fruitless.

Red clip swings out to allow grey lever up and then wire loop removed or adjusted to or away from toothed surface.

It’s the locking clamp to an older series roof top cargo box. Clamps onto a square U-Bolt which secures it to the cargo bars. Ascent series? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen that gadget.

Marshall to the rescue once again! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Is called the Easy Snap System for some older series of roof cargo boxes. With your help I found a single picture and description via Google images and mystery now solved.
I was perplexed that by its appearance it secured something with a range of adjust-ability but did not have keyed lock. Never thought about cargo box hardware.

Excellent! Looks like some memory synapses of mine are still up to snuff!

A friend of mine has those on his box but he’s found that 3/8"x18" zip ties work just as well and remove almost instantly with some surgical snips.

This could turn into a game, Guess that Part.

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