Thule Probar "Tilt" Issues - Recommendation/Fix?

I was using Thule square bars with the 460 Podium set on my Hyundai Santa Fe but then traded the Santa Fe in on a new Palisade. Thule’s fit guide put me into a different fit kit than the Santa Fe’s, so I purchased it. The product info indicated that the fit kit would work with my 460 podiums (they have the square receiver on top for square bars). No matter how tight the bolts, the square bar would slide freely from side to side with the new fit kit. Thule tech support was no help (multiple calls and multiple support persons who basically just all blew me off). I finally gave up and purchased the 460R podium set with the “T” connector on top. I need the 79" length, so I then had to buy the Probar. This setup works just fine, with a good tight fit. However, the many bolt-on Thule kayak carriers and Malone canoe load-stops I have do not mount “flat” on the curved Probar and aren’t useable, even though the Probar video on etrailers states that any clamp-on accessory can be used with the probar. I found that any accessory clamped to the bar will have a 20-degree tilt due to the curved leading edge of the probar. I’ve already been fooled into spending a lot more money on Thule upgrades than I ever wanted to, and I don’t want to have to now buy all-new accessories with T-track connectors. (I’m not even sure whether the Thule T-track GlideDock carriers are compatible with the Probar). Has anyone come up with a way to mount clamp-on accessories to the Probar without a tilt?

I haven’t used a Probar, but maybe you could make saddle-shaped “anti-rotation” spacers out of wood that fill the gap between the Probar and accessory clamp?

Thanks Wolf. I thought of doing something like that. Best would be a little metal plate that would mount in the top track or side track and give you a horizontal flat surface that the older clamp-on could sit on and be supported by. You’d think Thule would think of that and provide the part. Or maybe they’re more interested in selling $250 kayak mounts with T-track compatibility or the new $800 Hulkivators. Anybody have a machine shop? Here’s an opportunity foe you!