Thule Rack Question

I just printed out the description of a rack setup from the Thule site for 50" bars, feet and a Hullivator Pro 898.

However, I am stymied by their rail and foot pack combos. I see two versions that seem to be similar but there is a $50 difference in price I am not quite getting.

One is the “Thule Crossroad Foot Pack 450”. The details say it comes with foot packs and two 50" rails, I think.

The other is the “Thule Complete Crossroads Railing Rack 45050”. This also appears to come with the foot packs and 50" rails. The only difference I see between the two is this second with a longer name and 45050 model indicated also has locks. I can’t quite tell from the photos what they look like and whether I care about having them, but it seems to be the only diff between the two.

Could it be that the only diff between these two packages is that the foot pads have some kind of a lock mechanism? Or am I missing something. The photos look the same, maybe I am not seeing something pictured.

Thanks all. If I am going to do this it has to happen before long.

450 difference
the 450 Crossroad is the foot pack only

the Complete Crossroad is bars, locks and feet.

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The River Connection, Inc.

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Thanks Marshall
Duh - it says foot pack doesn’t it.

That said, I didn’t expect the bars to be that relatively inexpensive. And I really do have a college degree but I would make a couple of tweaks to the web site if it were mine.

One thing to keep in mind. I just installed a old 897 hullavator and the instructions call for 4 to 6 inchs of bar sticking out from foot. I have 50 inch bars and didn’t have 4 inches of bar to stick out. For my car it turns out it fit fine with just about 2.5 inches of bar sticking out from foot. This is in order for the hullavator when in down position to clear side of car. Mine had plenty of room so I didn’t need the 4 inches. Your car might need this so you might want to buy the next size up in bar length.

Got box
can ship. Beats driving on I-87.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Thanks for the tip, will measure
I will measure the Yakima bars that are up now to see what they are. If an overhang is a good thing, I would likely match them since I am already used to that overhang.

If it looks like 50" is close to what I have, maybe just shift the bars an inch slightly off center.

Looks like 58" bars
While a measurement to the outside of the roof rails suggests I could just get away with 50" bars, I am already used to the 58" ones and that way I don’t have to sweat the room for second boat options.

Need to spend some time over the next couple of days figuring out the final details.

4 Years Old
The Hullavators on my Santa Fe are 4 years old and I think they have now changed (improved?) the design a little, but the lockable covers on the feet I have never really stayed on well - in spite of the locks - so I don’t use them (the plastic covers, that is). And if they were in place any thief out there could easily pry the covers off with a knife or flat blade screwdriver.

To me, none of this is any big deal. I live in a safe neighborhood and I have never paddled in a location where I thought theft was an issue. If I travel with my kayaks, a bicycle cable lock secures the kayaks to my car’s rails.

The covers on mine aren’t quite three
months old and I noticed they’re no longer flush on three of the feet. They’re locked, so I guess they won’t go anywhere. Also have locks in the Hullavator cradles. No issues with those. Glad to have them.