Thule rotation on Yakima bars

Other than brute-force tightening of Thule thumbwheel nuts, are there any hardware modifications suggested to prevent Thule saddles from rotating on round Yakima bars, when pushing your kayak on the Glide and Set combo?

You can always take an old inner tube from a bike and cut it in a piece to fit the saddle attachment width. Cut a slit along the length of the rubber and put it over the yakima bar. Place the saddle down on it and tighten away. Shouldn’t rotate now.

Yes, simple solution
I did it to my Thule J cradles on my Yakama bars three years ago and have been happy ever since.

Drill a hole down thru the yakama bars and then use a bolt to go through the Thule cradle.

I used a stainless steel one with lock washer and nut, (not the cheap crap that Thule uses)

I drilled the hole thru the yakama bars on both of my vehicles so I can switch back and forth as required.



Yes you can get the bar adapters
and even they will slip at times. To fix mine I used a small flat aluminum bar and bolted it front to back on the base of the saddles so they can’t move.