Thule Saddle conversion to round bars?

I have a set of Thule saddles that are obviously for squarish bars. Any suggestions on converting them to work on round bars? They can’t even bolt on my round bars as the bars are thicker than the space b/w the bolt and the base but the bars fit in fine otherwise.

I just thought I could drill-out the hole so that the bolt slides down a little (needs about 1/4 inch or so). But are there any adapters you know of that would work on these particluar saddles?

I got them offered for sale if someone wants them - I’ll probably get a pair of Mako saddles, but if there is an easy way to adapt them for my round bars, I could use them I guess…

Check w/ Thule
Last I knew, both Thule and Yakima made adapters so that their carriers could be used on the others’ bars. I have a set of adapters on my Thule bars so that my Yakima saddles fit.


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Go to the hardware store and get u shaped bolts instead of the h shaped ones that came with them. It's an easy fix. Make sure you use stainless steel. Vaughn Fulton Any questions you have you can e-mail me.

not going to work
The previous posts hold true for the current version of Thule’s saddles but the ones you have are pretty aged. There is no converting them to round bars. The time and effort engineering a solution is better spent on the purchase of a Yakima saddle.

Wrong. I’ve done it. It ain’t rocket science. Don’t make this a NASA project. VF