Thule saddles not tight.

I have the Thule Hydo Glide Saddle and the regular saddles which are difficult to keep tight on the cross bar. They don’t sit flat. I have tightened them down but they seem to sit flat. Has anyone had this problem and what should I do to solve this problem. FishHawk

kind of other hardware/rack system are using…factory crossbars, thule or yakima?

I use Thule J cradles on Yakama
round bars and their info said they were good for either.

All they wanted to do was roll when I went to slide the kayaks on from the rear.

I solved the problem by drilling a hole down through the cross bar and putting a single bolt down through the J cradle bottom and through the cross bar.

I also had to change all their other cheap bolts and fasteners out within the first six months since they rusted up.

I wouldn’t buy Thule stuff again.



To much movement in saddles
The saddles kinda just lighty clamp on. I’am

using them on yakima round bars & finding that

possibly bolting on like previous poster would

stop them from moving around and also much them


Standard Thule square bars.
I’m using the standard Thule square bars. I think the problem is with the pads that the saddle uses to sit on the bars. FishHawk

Small notches
in the base match to the Thule bar. It pays to check the tightness several times. Although I’ve been able to get them tight, I don’t like the fit on these adaptable units. I’ve gone to eBay to get the older ones that fit only Thule bars, and fit them right (H2Go saddles and the older style glides).