Thule "Slip Stream" rack system ?

Has anyone installed one to Yakama round bars ?

If yes, are you satisfied or have you had any problems?

One of my many daughters is thinking about it and asked “dear old dad” for advice.

Unfortunately "Dear old Dad had never even heard of the system.



U-tube to the rescue

slip stream
we have a slip stream rack on Thule bars. Don’t know about the round bars, but the rack system is 2nd to none!

Go to Rack Attack web site and talk to them. They are very helpful and great to do business with.


Thanks, but…
that doesn’t answer the question on the use with round bars.

That is a slick system though and I appreciate you posting that video.

It is kind of interesting: I made a similar rack for a 23 foot long kayak that I have that I mount to my Yakama. Mine is fixed and I use the rear saddles on a third rear bar to slide the yak up on the new narrower rig that is cantilevered out over the front of the vehicle.



We’ve done that
Mixed Thule components on round Yakima bars - in various configurations. It works.

Rack Attack has a video on
their website under Thule Slipstream, and in it says compatible with Yakima bars. Click the yellow box on the Rack Attack (google it) page.

I jujst sold a Thule Slipstream on eBay last week, brand new. I now have a trailer.

Not their Hulaports
If you try to slide a kayak onto them from either the front or rear, there is no way you can keep them from rotating unless you do like I had to do and drill a hole through the bar and put a bolt down through the Hulaport and the round bar.

No problem if you can just place the kayak on them, but impossible if you are sliding it on.



Slipstream won’t slide on Yakima bars
Can see how the J style racks will slip on round bars but the Slipstream can’t since it’s got a frame that hold 2 sets of short THULE bars that will hold the front and rear cradles. They are rock solid. Best thing is we got about 18 inches more crossbar spread for our son’s Focus which it needed to really hold the kayaks. Slipstream is great!

Thank you very much.
From the pictures it looked that way, but I wanted a opinion from some one who had it with the round bars.



yet one more frustrating post
I don’t have the Slipstream or the round bars, and thus speak from no personal experience, but this is the internet, so I feel free to spout off anyway.

About 10 years ago Thule and Yakima decided to quit competing and to make everything universal. The mounts are universal and will fit your Yakima bars.

Why is it a frustrating post ?
Sure they are universal and sure they fit each others systems, but the Thule J cradles still roll on the Yakama round bars.

You must have thule cross bars or you would know this.

If you want I can frustrate you more by telling you how I had to replace the Thule Hardware crap after it rusted up after one year.

Please explain why a little truth and fact frustrates you ?



Personal Experience

I have one and also carry Thule here at The River Connection so I can say with some confidence that the Slipstream won’t care what it’s attached to, it’ll still do the slip thing. There are 4 Couplings that attach to the cross bars of your vehicle. These have 2 bolts that extend down to that have a metal bracket that goes under your crossbar. Tighten the wingnuts and it’s on. Fatter crossbars = longer bolts. The arrangement on my vehicle the Slipstream is able to extend back 26". With a wider crossbar spread you will get less extension.

Hopefully this helps clarify the Slip(stream)pery issue. :wink:

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Thanks, but if you are referring…
to my above post, I was responding to the “frustration” post and was talking about my thule J cradles on Yakama round bars.



my post was frustrating
not yours