Thule Slip Stream?

Anyone have one of these yet?

Check it out - allows for boat mounts that need some serious crossbar spread on a car that doesn’t have much.

I’m already using a stretch kit on my 2 door Focus just to get a 14’ up there, so this will work for my new 16’.

Thule’s instructions include info on how to set it up for Yakima, which is what I’ve got. Thats kind of cool.

My daughter has one and loves it.
she carries her 18 foot Epic 18 on it on her CRV.



Take a look at the EZ-Vee from Kayakpro.

No problems here
We have Thule bars on our focus sedan and haul our 17ft wenonah spirit II without any trouble. How close are the bars on your 2 door?


Slipstream works great. Have had two of em on a Honda Element for three years. Cool thing is you can put 18 foot boats on the car and have the support saddles right under the bulkheads where the boat is the strongest. The thing spreads saddle to 5 ’ apart.

30" with the Yakima stretch kit. What is yours?

Also, it was recommended that I have the cradles under the bulkheads for my new Romany.

does she get the Epic up there herself? CRVs are tall!

Good recommendation though, thanks!

I did
and its 30.00 cheaper than the Slipstream.

Any advantages?

my only concern
is opening the rear hatch and how much the rack interferes with hatch.

Right now with my 14’, when the hatch is open it rests gently on the stern hull of my boat. When there is no boat up there, the rack doesn’t interfere.

Well except for the super long crossbars that my husband bangs his head on and says “I hate your rack.” You think he’d learn after a couple of years.

EZ-Vee follow-up
Better build quality than the Thule if you ask me. It’s a simple design that happens to work very well.