Thule Slipstream roof rack doesn't slip

I’ve been googling around and see that I’m not the only one who has a hard time making it move. Any tips? Brute force doesn’t seem to do the trick. Thanks!

I bought a used slipstream and it didn’t slide very well. So I used what I use for sealing the paint on my car. Its called Klasse . It makes the bar that slides super slippery. plus you could use it on your car or Gel coated kayak if you have one.

and another thing!
Thanks, that’s helpful.

How many levers do you have? Thule just told me there are supposed to be four, but there are only two on my rack.

Two on mine PLUS if you download pdf manual you will see only two. I have found when calling I don’t always get correct information. They told me the slipstream would not fit my car. Well it fit just fine.

I’ve got
Two that I bought new 5 years ago. I assembled them from new, levers only on one side according to the directions. No issues with mine sliding, try loosening the tri-nuts above the clamps a turn or two, and backing the levers off a turn. As long as the levers keep the rack from sliding when in the down position, they are tight enough. Tim

I’ll give it a try
Thanks for the advice!

Why can’t things be simple!?!?