thule step up

Has anybody used the Thule step up that hook around the wheel. We tried the all metal step but to large. Have a van, the wheel well is to small for it to fit.

Werner work platform
four feet long, 20 inches high. Provides great footing for lifting a boat up to the rack, folds flat, light weight aluminum. about $34 at Lowe’s or Home Depot. I hear you can even use it for house projects but, I wouldn’t know.


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For a couple of years my wife and I have been using the Sherpak Elevator Step ( on our Pathfinder without significant problems. It fits around a wheel, but it's adjustable, so we've been able to fit it (carefully) inside the wheel well.

Second the small ladder

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I like the small ladder that I carry in my truck bed. In general, one of the things to look for in gear is multi functionality. That small folding ladder can be used all around the vehicle, as well as around camp, etc. The wheel thing is only good at 4 points around the vehicle.

I used to have a camper top on my old truck so the ladder was an absolute necessity. I now find I carry it less because I also have some diferent, large spoke rims that work well as a step; and no topper.

Also, one problem I have with my ladder is that it will sink into soft soil. If I bought another I would look for a flatter, larger foot print, if possible.