Thule Water Slide

Has anyone here tried one of these to aid in loading your kayak onto a rooftop carrier?

For that price and not the greatest reviews, I’m thinking that modifying an old yoga mat would work just as well.

Any feedback is welcome.

I use a moving blanket…
…with a section of non slip router mat underneath.

Tacky rubber backed shag bath mat
Tackier the better. Also nice to stand on when changing.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

I have
Just the thing, thanks!

suction cup grab bar
The cheap suction cup grab bars you can get at any chain drug or variety store work nicely to give you a slick protective surface along the car roof edge to lean the boat hull against, then lift and slide. I keep one in my car for this use:

Cheap Multi-function Solution
It’s called a “towel”. Commonly found in bathrooms or in the rag basket next to the washing machine. Easy to use: drape over area of vehicle you want to slide your boat across. If windy, wrap one end around crossbars. Also useful for standing on when changing, protecting doorsills from sandy feet when snugging tie-down straps, can even be used in a pinch to - gasp - get rid of excess water on body & hair before changing into dry clothing. Who woulda thought??

If you still want to spend money on something, I have another gadget you may be interested in, called a garlic grater. Cuts garlic almost as well as a knife, yields almost half as much as chopping, and only takes 10 times as long to clean.