Thule Waterslide Protective Mat for SUVs

-- Last Updated: Feb-26-12 5:33 PM EST --

No reviews for this on so thought I would inquire. Anyone use one on a higher roof like a Rav4 and care to comment on?

I can no longer use my well-liked Thule Slipstream and need something to load a 17 foot kayak on and off a Rav4. Not using the Slipstream since it is designed for a kayk with its short crossbars and can not be sued for a wider canoe without replacing crossbars. This Thule Mat is the same principle as using a towel, blanket, bath-mat, etc. Only one side is slippery and the other not, for more effective boat sliding . . from what I have read.

Bath Mat
I really don’t see any need for spending $40 for the Thule Water Slide when an $8 non-slip bath rug from Walmart works just as well, maybe even better. It cleans off the bottom of your boat when you load it after paddling, and you can just throw it in the wash. That’s what I use and it works like a charm.

Maybe that’s why there are no reviews!

better yet
shop at a store that keeps the money in your community

I have one…
and used it on my Rav4!

It works a whole lot better than the towel I used to use. But as someone said, a rubber backed bath mat is much cheaper.

I kinda regret buying it; don’t know what I expected.