Thule Xsporter install question

Hi all,

Been a while, hope all are holding up.

For years I drove Volvo V70’s and easily threw my canoe or kayak up on the crossbars. I’ve fallen in love with the new sedans and I’m not using it to haul boats.

I recently purchased a used Thule Xsporter rack, (the older 422 series) as I also recently bought a mint 2008 Ford Ranger pick up. I figured it would be a fun and good looking combo and easy to throw boats up.

The truck has a bedliner that covers everything inside the bed. I’ve seen some videos where they are mounting the new XSporter over the bedliner.

Does anyone have any experience in mounting this or a similar set up over the bedliner rails or do I need to cut out holes where I would place them, (not a big deal if I have to).