Thumbs Up for OLD TOWN

I recently posted a message about the length of time it took to get my new Cuyuga and was concerned about the service. Well my boat came in and Old Town had a special for a free paddling shirt. Well I submitted my paper work and mailed it. Three days later I had a message on my Voice Mail to please call Old Town about a rebate, I figured that something was up so I called today and the person who called was out so I left a message. Do you know that she called back and she was concerned because I forgot to put down a size and she did not want to send something that did not fit. Talk about customer service. Way to go Old Town you got my business!!!

And "thumbs down to Perception"
I hope the hell they read this too.

Last week I called them to try and get a replacement part for my seveenteen foot Eclipse, (we have four Perception kayaks).

They told me that I had to get it from the dealer that I bought the boat from.

I told them that it is no longer in business.

They then told me to get in touch with a dealer that sold Perception and have them order it.

The one that I talked to said that they had a terrible time getting parts from them, but they would get back to me within a day.

Just the way the guy said it, I figured that I would never hear back.

That was over a week ago.

Needless to say, I will fabricate the part myself and never buy another Perception boat again and if asked by potential buyers will give my opinion of them.

There is another post about someone that was sold a blem Carolina as a new one, and this is the second time I have heard of a Blem Carolina being past off by a dealer as a good boat.

Seems a shame how this once reputable boat builder got gobbled up by the big money coorporation and got ruined.



So now the important
question…How do you like your new Cayuga? What size did you get? Have you had it out on the water much yet? Looks like a really cool boat at their website.

Ditto on the Cayuga Question…
Been looking at them myself…interesting in your initial impressions so far.

love the boat
I was torn between Necky, Tusnimi and the Cuyuga. I was leaning to the necky when I went to a demo and paddled the Cuyuga. Once I was in it the boat sold it self, it is stable fast and tracks great. I then took one to the Keys and it was great. The one I took did not have a rudder and the winds were fairly steady but tracking was not a issue and I was in the boat all day. I got mine last week and have been in it twice. Just try one! I have the 146

Great to hear you are enjoying your new boat and like it sooooooooo much. That is exactly the way I feel about my Tsunami, once I paddled it for the first demo I knew it just felt right. I too almost bought a Necky Manitou Sport instead - nice boat, just not the perfect fit for me. Hope to paddle a Cayuga at a demo somewhere just to check it out.

Keep paddling and enjoy your new boat!

Happy paddling…