Thumbs up for Paddle Shack & Stohlquist

Paddling gear companies and kayak shops get flamed once in a while on this forum when they behave badly, so I thought I would give credit where it is due to the Paddle Shack in Mays Landing, New Jersey, and Stohlquist for the way they handled a problem with a dry suit I recently purchased.

I purchased the B-Pod online because there are no nearby shops and so I wasn’t 100 % sure about the size. I was very careful trying it on so as not to damage it in case it didn’t fit. I also left all the tags on. The size might have worked, but was really too tight across the shoulders when I added the appropriate insulation (fleece). After I took it off I noticed a small tear on the inside of the neoprene neck gasket near the seam. I was really bummed because I thought I would be stuck with a brand new and expensive suit that didn’t really fit the way it should.

It turns out I didn’t have to worry. George and Butch at the Paddle Shack were great to work with. They allowed me to send my suit to the Stohlquist warranty center, Technical Repair Xpress, in Colorado, and then they immediately sent me the next larger size. It arrived today and is a perfect fit.

And Stohlquist stood behind its product as well. Karen at Technical Repair Xpress not only offered to replace the neck gasket at no cost, but when I mentioned the booties were a bit too narrow, she said that if I wanted, I could trace the shape of my foot and they would add wider booties while they had the suit at no charge.

When you order an expensive product online from a shop hundreds of miles away you worry about receiving any customer service. They might not have taken me at my word about the tear in the gasket and said “you break it – you own it.” Big thumbs up for the Paddle Shack and Stohlquist.

Stohlquist is a great company

…They made my PFD and it still looks new. Hmmmmmmmm

Paddle Shack
The Paddle Shack and its proprietor, George, are the best! I have had numerous repairs/modifications done on my kayaks there, as well as purchased equipment. No friendlier place with a “Can-do” attitude anywhere!

(Not affiliated with Paddle Shack…just a happy customer!) Steve F

Nice to hear “GOOD” things
about customer service. People often share their experiences when BAD things happen but are reluctant to post when they get GOOD customer service. And so I am glad that you wrote about your good experience.

“Paddle Shack George” is a really good guy that is very keen on providing excellent customer service. It is good to know that he went out of his way to provide you with good service, too. I am also happy to hear that Stohlquist was so accomodating as well. I own one of their B-pod drysuits and have been very happy with it these past two seasons.

Both companies are to be commended!

Jeff P.

Great store
I purchased a NRS Extreme two years ago and they sent it overnight at no extra charge. This year I bought the Stohlquist Bpod and George talked to me twice by phone to make sure the size was right. The Stohlquist size chart is a bit skewed to skinny people, but the Bpod is the best drysuit at a really good price. Not a lot of extra flappy material like in the NRS extreme, and the Stohlquist neck gasket is superb.


The “Complaint” Was From Someone

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who wanted something and was not willing to accept much time longer than next to "now."

The internet age seems to lend to some folks the idea that gratification should be instant.


Another attaboy for George.
I too bought a b-pod online from the Paddle Shack. I too got a couple of human-to-human phone calls from George verifying my measurements (I’m barrel chested with long arms)plus follow up emails. He maintains a running database of previous owners and fitment to help future customers…BRAVO! The prices can’t be beat easisly to boot. Oh, and the drysuit: still lovin’ it on all but the hottest days.


I purchased
2 spray skirts and 2 B-pods from Paddle Shack George. He provided great guidance and accomadated some special circumstances.

In addition George does alot to promote the sport such as informal wednesday night training sessions with pizza and winter pool sessions.

B-pod is great. Now that I know they can adjust the booties to fit my 4E feet they will it will be even better.