Thumbs up for the Hullivator

Just did one boat with each system, Amagansett Roller Loader and Thule saddles on one side and Hullivator on the other. This is the big-trip setup, so each boat has two straps at the main points front and back wrapped around the cross bar, the side rails and anything else that wasn’t moving, strap around the cockpit cover, lasso locks and bow line etc. They could be stolen but someone would have to spend more than two minutes figuring out what to cut first.

Hullivator wins. Even taking out the time I needed to properly set the width of the saddles, the roller loader/saddle combo was more cumbersome. The rear ones dropped flat even being tightened up when I went to shift the Romany more forward. First words out of my mouth were now I remember why I disliked these things. They used to do it to Jim too. For occasional use and shorter trips, I might put up the rollers in back.

The Hullivator was a whole lot easier on every step. I got under the boat in a crouch and it popped up easily. And letting it fall back flat onto the cross bar simplifies that step. Strapping is simpler than on the saddles because it is set further out than I felt was ideal with the saddles on 58 inch bars.

There actually appears to be more stuff on top of the car than with the stackers for this trip, though there is actually less because the boats are not crammed full of stuff themselves. But in terms of setup time, the Hullivator makes for a much leaner situation.

So glad to hear you like it!
The Hullavator is a terrific work of good engineering. The more I use mine, the quicker the process gets. Thankfully.

cute story
Shea, my daughter’ mom is 5’0" but drives a Jeep with a 6’ roof. So loading was a problem. At REI one day we saw a Hullivator and I commented that I had seen these and they seemed to be good. It was expensive but she had $200 in REI bonus plus they offered her another $200 if she signed up a friend so she paid my $20 membership to get that $200. By the time she was finished that Hullivator cost her $400.

BUT, it off-balanced her jeep so I told her the solution was to buy another one for the other side.

We went back to REI, found another one and got a discount for end-of-season ,another one for display-unit and another one for 'they lost the instructions. And by the time she handed over her points and such, she had a second set for $400.

The one PROBLEM is to NEVER let a friend load them! Read the directions because using the Hullivator is a learned technique and a couple friends broke the hydraulics by ignoring instructions and trying to pull and swing without unlocking them.

So she bought that…
a second Hullivator was needed? Or is the Jeep a lighter weight vehicle than I realize? If it is the first, good on you. I think.

Thanks for the reminder about letting others use it though. I have been so busy with a bunch of preps, the Hullivator was part of a larger plan, it never occurred to me to think about how you could break the thing.

I saw the Hullivator in action for the
First time yesterday’. Two short ladies in their late seventies unloaded two kayaks with ease

Didn’t see the loading but one said that while the Hullivator was pricey it kept her able to go kayaking instead of sitting at home