Thunderbolt spray skirt advice?

New to the Thunderbolt (by West Side Boats). Anyone have a good experience/fit with a neopreme skirt for this? Also interested in swapping tips with any Thunderbolt owners (reguarding speeds, seats, maintenance etc). Any owners local to Valley Forge PA interested in paddling/ training feel free to get in touch. Thanks, Cliff. Respond to board, email or phone @610-287-3344

contact bushnell
he sells a neoprene skirt that fits. any k1 skirt will work, but those aren’t neoprene. only his will work i think. i used to have one but sold it to buy a surfski. it’s a fun boat- enjoy it.


No Luck
Already asked Doug. He doesn’t sell them anymore.

try gray at kayakpro
he sells a lot of k1 skirts- may know where to get a neoprene marathon skirt or something like that.


Gray at ,
kayakpro does have them, that’s what he told me last week, he is in China as of this past Saturday and I don’t know when he returns (first Vampires coming out of the moulds there)


You might give ‘Snap Dragon’ a look as a source for your skirt. Though I doubt they make one for a West Side boat, they will do custom skirts if you supply a pattern of the coming, and they make one very nice line of skirts. And they make sweet Neoprene skirts and covers! We sell them and all my personal skirts are Snap Dragons. Good luck

neat boat
Why do you want neoprene? He sells nylon zip up that are so cool in summer. Leave it unzipped most of time. I added rear bulkhead and thigh braces so I feel better on big water. They are supposed to be a 10 mph boat but 8 is sprinting for me because 225# is pushing a lot of water out of way.

with the neo skirt i could roll the tbolt easily, which was good because i needed to with some frequency. that huge cockpit still took in some water with each roll. i’b be very careful paddling that anywhere the waves could break on the skirt- it’ll pop right off.


Who sells the nylon zip up?
Maybe I don’t need neoprene. I just thought it would be more water tight. Dave, who makes the zip up you talked about, and do you have one? Does it fit well? BTW, I am loving this boat.