Thunderwear paddling gloves

Anyone know of an alternative to thunderwear women’s kayak gloves?
It seems they are no longer made, mine are vintage 2005…
Love mine that are fingerless except thumb fully covered.
Wearing out :tired_face:

Hadn’t heard of that brand and could find no images. Lots of fingerless paddling gloves available but none with the thumb covered.

Are you looking for cold water gloves?

No, I paddle in warm weather (60-80 degree range).

Thunderwear is/was my favorite brand of paddling gloves too. Their full finger ones were the only full finger gloves that I didn’t hate for (canoe) paddling. Mine are all worn out now too.

My favorite alternative are NRS fingerless gloves. As others have said you can also look at gloves made for golfing or bicycling or baseball. Gives you some options for gloves you might be able to try on before buying. I have some padded fingerless bicycling gloves that I like.

If your Thunderwear gloves are size small I might have a like-new pair that I bought for my wife that she never used.

Tag says XS but I can (barely) get them on my hands and I take men’s large.


That is so awesome. Too small for me too!!!

I’ll check out the NSR brand you mention or keep thunderwearing on :crazy_face: