Thurmond Lake Ga.

Will be visiting my Sister in Augusta in July, have the the opportunity to fish Thurmond lake for 2 days. I know it’s a major bass lake and I have acesss to a pontoon boat. Can anyone tell me a little about the lake? What type of lures work well here? or should I think about live bait?

The lake may be know in Georgia as
Clarks Hill. I’ve seen it, but never fished there. Its a typical Southern impoundment. For bass, if I don’t know the water, I tend to stick to spinner baits, the clothes pin style, in 1/4 to 3/4 oz. If using fly equipment, I love popping bugs. The lake has crappie, so Roadrunners, probably in 1/16 and 1/8 size and charteuse, white, or a combination should work. Striped bass are also a big draw, never fished for them, Then there are sunfish (called bream there). Small spinners like the Mepps 0 and 1 with squirrel tail and rooster tails in 1/16 and 1/4 should work well. For catfish, another prime species in the lake, try shad…if you can, use a cast net to get them…shrimp…I use the frozen Wal Mart raw whit shrimp, medium size, and worms should work fine. Others like stink baits and liver, I don’t.

I’ll bring my arsenal.

Thurman Lake
I fished Thurman back a few years ago, nice lake.I caught some nice bass using a Zara Spook. Carolina rigged Plastics work well too.Spinner baits produced a few fish in the super shallow stuff. The many boat docks produced a few fish too. I can’t recall all the color patterns. Crankbaits in the flooded timber worked for some of the folks I fished with.

Good Luck,