thwart bag

Anybody have a favorite thwart bag? I’m looking at granite gear wedge from rei.

Granite Gear 17" wedge
Many years ago I used a thwart bag from Duluth Pack. Now I use a GG 17" wedge and like it a lot. Mine is older, pre take out the bottom and use it for filleting fish. I liked that idea so now I carry a piece of plastic inside my bag for that purpose. Light rain beads up and runs off this bag, but don’t think of the bag as waterproof. The small front zippered pocket serves me for frequented items - like bug dope, sun screen, and a small rope to tie the canoe to shore. The main part of the bag is rather cavernous. If you have a lot of stuff you’ll end up rummaging to the bottom to find what your looking for. The 3 wrap-around thwart straps and camlocks secure the bag very well. I leave mine in place for portaging, but you have to watch how much weight you stuff in the bag so you counterbalance with weight in the bow. I hate unbalanced canoes on a portage. I also use the GG stormshield map case in combination with the thwart bag. On the back of the thwart bag is a pair of adjustable straps with hooks, and D rings that I use to secure my map case for portaging.

love that wedge
I have the GG wedge, too, and love it in the canoe. It works on the back of the seat of a Pungo, too. It’s a great size and the attachment points have held up for several years now with no problems. A first aid kit, TP, trowel, whistle, matches live in mine and when it’s in use I can store everything I need for a day paddle and everything I want close at hand for tripping. It also makes a good shelf for the map case and/or GPS.

Granite Gear and Cabela’s

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I own a thwart bag made by Cabela's:
and I have used the Large Wedge bag by Granite Gear:
The wedge design hangs better than the other thwart bags I've seen. These bags are interchangible, and the only major difference, is that the Cabela's bag is made of vinyl (although not waterproof when submerged) and the GG is made of Nylon. I think the size is perfect for the stuff you need to get at quickly (sunglasses, bug dope, sunscreen, lunch, ect.)
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GG Thwart bag is my choice…
it’s like my glove compartment in the car. Sunscreen, bug dope. snacks etc. Had mine for years and barely shows wear


A few years back I decided to make my own, materials for it cost around $10. At the same time I also made a bow bag and and (6+)paddle bag. I did kinda model it after the granite gear, I like the triangular shape.