Tick Lyme Alert

We suggested an awareness for ticks especially canoeing with children.

News provides a tick alert:


The original subject was the Connecticut River. A tick map from Google Images shows a tick warning area for both banks high up in the watershed.

If bitten and concerned, a blood test for Lyme is possible.

Wouldn’t this be more useful on the
Advice or the Paddler’ Discussion forums? It isn’t a uniquely wilderness topic.


You may post the material there, I’ll follow with the Images.

There were objections to my mentioning ticks first time in the posts below for New York. ?

Many out of the area or urban people are not aware of the tick problem, wander into tick country without preparation or conscious prevention/inspection so I posted that.

The news service sprung the current tick explosion into my 6PM news break.

Ticks are here in Florida, up on the sand ridge in the Ocala National Forest but the environment for tick to human…grasses, herbaceous stalks… is infrequent from the poor soil. Maybe over near Brooksville ?

There is a book, title was or is ‘Ranger Noir’ ? about a California Ranger who developed Lyme suffering greatly from an undiagnosed condition.

California sports Lyme, Plague, tularemia …

Thanks for the reminder!
I wasn’t even thinking about them. Very important.

A friend caught Lyme in New England,
and took years to shake off the secondary effects.

We really need a test that’s as quick and reliable as a pregnancy test.

the bullseye is a sure sign I think…

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Not reliable at all
some folks with Lyme never get one. A friend of mine got Lyme and his heart rate dropped to thirty. He was unconscious and in ICU for quite a while.

No bulls eye.

Nothing seems to be reliable
I was sick as a dog for over a week before the bullseye appeared. Good thing it showed up because the blood test came back negative and the doctor had refused to give me antibiotics, even though I told him I had been working in an extremely tick infested area. I’ve since changed physicians.

…understand, it is strange…some

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symptoms took a few years+ to show in me, although arthritis was in family and skipping placed it right on me, Lyme might have hastened it some, along with other symptoms on the list...now that I think about it...

lyme disease
Bitten by a "deer tick a couple of months ago, I did not get the bulls eye rash at all, so, I thought I was good. Check out the internet and you will find lots of info that is not given out. The rash only occurs about 15% of the time, the carrier ticks on the west coast are not the pin head size deer ticks on the east coast, a blood test is only somewhat reliable after 6 weeks (too many false negatives before that), and a lot of other info that I didn’t know.

Agreed. My daughters are 16 and 10. Both have been camping in the Adriondacks of NY since they were 18 mo old. Both have gotten tick bites. Both bites occurred in suburban N.J. Only 1 contracted lymes. You never know and it is silly for people to be afraid of the wilderness and not be careful close to home.