tick tick

tick tick tick …tick…tick…


Ain’t it the truth. I’ve found 4 on me and my wife had one already and that was just from the garden! Time to spray the fishing clothes down with permethrin.

They are around and Lyme Disease is no joke. I finished a week on the Klamath River on Saturday. I have taken 4 off me and 20 off my dog so far.

they kind of went away
for a while ( about 3 weeks ) we got 2-4 each day. Now nothing.

That is fine by me

Where are you n Eck ?
I read yawl in deep drought. I had thought dryness produced more ticks ?

Ask Pratt&Whitney …

Are you outfitting ?

not deep drought. Just dry.
I have no idea where they went… thats ok by me