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I went on a trip with Flatpick a summer or two ago. He had this really neat software with fancy graphs of tides, current speed, etc. for various places in the San Juans and around the PNW. Does anyone know what he uses? Would love to spend the winter planning trips. Many thanks in advance!

http://www.wxtide32.com/ this? pretty accurate and useful.

"Predicts tides from 1970 …"
That sounds about right! :^)

Then it says

“Tested on Windows 9x, NT4, 2000, ME, XP”

Suppose that means it won’t work on a Mac (damn Macs)



The program Steve used (likely still does) is from Nobeltec. He had it installed on the computors at Alder Creek, the store he owned for many years (and that I worked at as well). It certainly is nice, very easy to use, and can be configured several ways.


I should look at the free one mentioned, WXtide. Sounds interesting.

Don’t forget that this is all from information compiled by NOAA, and it is free. The other programs just package it into a format that may help learn it better. But the format used by NOAA has advantages- for example, in the San Juans, you could print out the list of correction stations, an entire months predictions at the main station, and there you have two pieces of paper for your trip that includes enough info in case you change your plans, or have to resort to a fallback or bail out.



I use
Nobeltec’s Tides and Currents for work. Awesome program.

Good program. Some very nice features for trip planning.

Mr. Tides for Mac
Basically the equivalent of WXTide for the Mac.


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that’s the ticket

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I’ve got a lot of things to look through now


And, Tide Tool for Palm PDA’s

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Tide Tool is a superb, fast, free, must have app. for Palm handhelds.

Weirdly enough, apparently up until a couple years ago, tide data for the U.K. wasn't freely available. Here's the explanation from the Tide Tool site:

Q: Where are all the tides for the United Kingdom? What happened to my location?

A: For some years, the U.K. Hydrographic Office prevented us from using the tidal prediction data, which they claim to own, for certain locations, including the entire British Isles and some other locations worldwide. Fortunately, locations in Great Britain have been restored in Version 2.2, which you can download. Unfortunately, this doesn't help Eire or about 50 other locations around the world.

wow, cool, thanks!