Tideline 19 owners

Does anybody out there have any comments on the Tideline 19, either good or bad? I’ve read the one review that is available, but that is very limited in information. And yes, I’ve been to Patricks website. Is the length of over 19 feet long a problem?

Thank you,


You might want to…
check the reviews…if I recall someone placed a great review of the boat there in the past few months. However, like all reviews…there are biases there as well for all kinds of reasons. I hope to paddle one in the Fall when I visit San Diego…sounds like a great boat…surely an impressive website.


Blissfully Biased
To see a Tideline 19 built by Pat is to understand how rain drops that fall and dance on the surface of Lake Michigan soon turn to sparkles. Perhaps this comment is not as critical as you desire, Lynn, but forgive me for falling in love with a boat at first glance.

You see, a four day old Tideline 19 currently sleeps in my living room. When it awakens from its bumpy cross country ride, we have a date with the water of Lake Michigan.

Pat, I know you said, “this boat built itself”; nonetheless, thank you. The right feel and look that flows, as a wave without end, from this boat is most assuredly derived from the skill and passion of a craftsman. Thank you, Pat at the Paddleshop for making what is “right” available to me for the right price.

Lynn, for specific comments on the performance of a Tideline 19, you might have to look across Lake Michigan. It is there, atop the waves, where you might spy someone who is smiling while racing the waves. I’ll let you know what I found after I hit the ground.

Jumping for joy,