Tideline 19

Has anyone paddled the Tideline 19?

Take a look at this review…sounds like some great boat. My only frustration is that the author of the review did not include about 300 more pages to read…a helluva writer!




(btw…I have NO relationship with the designer of the boat…but…surely plan to paddle one when I visit San Diego in September!)

Sing-would be very interested in your
comparison of the Tideline 19 vs Outer Island. Have long admired Pat’s craft and am an ONNO paddler. He’s the real deal, as they say.

I tried the 19
when I was in San Diego last month. Just took it out into Mission Bay there. Maybe 1-2’ confused chop. Pat really wanted me to take it out in the ocean, since that’s really what it was designed for, but I didn’t have the time. Plus, I live in North Alabama and the water around here looks a lot more like Mission Bay than the Pacific. Its extremely fast, for me it seemed to go about 6mph at what I would call a quick cruising pace, but I’m no racer. Pat said he and his wife do about 6.5mph at an easy cruise pace. It was fun visiting with Pat and his wife. Its more like visiting a friend than a kayak manufacturer.

Thanks alot you guys.
Singalong2 , come one down.

Snook4, call me anytime.

Redmond, everything went great.

ProChoice husband… How are your trees doing? Don’t let you know who pick them too early !

I really enjoyed reading the faq and other info on your site, but would have enjoyed it even more if coaming were spelled correctly.

It is in some places, not sure what happened elsewhere.


now, what WAS that saying about glass houses ?!?!

I wish I could say it was some type of
regional thing. Yep, that would be annoying… apologies for that. I honestly never thought about it ’ till last weekend when it was pointed out to me… think I got 'em all but the one I do not know how to change.

Now if I can get CD to fix their “rudder chalk” gaffe on one of their new boat descriptions…

To the ??? guy, assuming you read my message backwards from the meaning I intended. It was a tad imprecise, I’ll admit. But I knew Onno would figure it out.


One interesting-looking boat
Elf shoe on front, racing profile on back. At the risk of entering into another plumb-bow debate, do you consider this feature signficant to its bumpy-water performance? Did you try other bow designs before settling on this?

Looks like the Mermaid design departs from that approach.


Congratuations on
finishing the design! I wish I were coming to San Diego as usual this year, but we have to skip it, so I’ll miss the chance to try what looks like a fantastic ride.



Hat to tell you but combing

– Last Updated: Mar-09-05 10:13 PM EST –

is inded acceptable according to my dictionary. Then again I use a OED (Oxford english) compact edition. Merriam websters online will find it too just look up combing and click on the noun entry.

Like you I prefer coaming but....

Son of a gun
Learned something new there…thanks. One less thing to get annoyed about.


Guess I need to make a trip out to see you soon, Pat. That way I can compare your 19 to my new Outer Island boat at last.

I will email you before I show up so you can have it ready!


YES !!! … arm pumping…laughing.
I WAS pretty sure I had looked it up one time or another or maybe just saw it spelled “combing” way back and adopted it, cannot remember. For all the years it has been up, only recently had it pointed out to me.

Going to have to call the PBS " A way with words" this weekend.

Are there any Tideline 19 owners that can tell me about stability, tracking, etc… I live in Alabama and mostly do flatwater paddling, but also do some on the gulf.