Tiderace yaks

Tiderace Xplore anyone have one of these ,if so how would this yak compare to a Valley Yak? Thanks FishHawk

Which Valley Yak

Both excellent
Again, the internet search for “best” between excellent products can only yield opinions that are probably highly biased. People advocate for their choices. I think YOU paddle a few kayaks designed to do what you want to do and you decide which feels right for you. The newer Tiderace boats I have seen that are made in Thailand are superbly built boats!

Then go paddle to cool places.

Question is about?
Build quality? Or is performance. If the latter it really needs a boat model for Valley to be able to compare.

Valley Aquanaut
Sorry about that compared to the Valley Aquanaut. FishHawk

Tiderace Xplore - Valley Aquanaut
Both are good all round boats. The Xplore has more volume midships with a boxier hull section than the Aquanaut. The Xplore has more clearly defined stability points than the 'naut. The Aquanaut has more fluid feel typical of Valley boats.

In the conditions I’ve paddled each the boats were predictable and reassuring. I prefer the feel and fit of the Aquanaut, others prefer the Xplore. It is wholly a matter of personal preference. Both are excellent boats.

The Xplore strikes me as a sort of a very refined Explorer with the headroom that Aled Williams likes to design into his boats.

Tiderace Xplorer

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I have a Tiderace Xplorer. Its a very big kayak. I'm 5'7" at 180 lbs. And I have lots and lots of room from what I'm used too. Romany 16. Its exactly what the name implies it is for: camping, exploring, expeditions, a couch. You get the picture. I bought mine from Nigel in Savannah, GA. A super great guy. Always dig the English accents. I totally blame myself for not testing it out in the water. Boat fever, my fault, The lines of the kayak is what a kayaker likes to see 21" beam 18' Its slender and fast. Turns on a dime. Eye candy. It has held up well. Very heavy for me to carry and bought a plastic kayak. 54 years old and to drop this $4,000 kayak would break my heart. Will only go out if there is somebody to help to carry. I laugh at scratches, gotta have scratches on the bottom. Great write ups in my research.....but I don't camp, I like to "wear" my kayak. I bring all safety gear a snack, water and in this boat a whole lot of space for the kitchen sink. Heads up for the June issue of Seakayaker magazine for a review of the Tiderace Xplorer kayak. Yup its coming in June Seakayer magazine. Had to edit this for validity. haven't compared it to other boats except I've paddled NDK Explorer and I think this behaves better on the water. Except I think the NDK is better in rougher water and better secondary stability.