I will be kayaking the intra coastal in Lighthouse Point(South Fl.) this Sunday morning.

I plan to leave at 8:30Am

Low Tide is at 5:18AM

High Tide is at 11:46AM

The inlet is 1/2 mile north from where I am going to launch.

Total distance around 8 miles, with stopping about 3 1/2 hours.

I would appreciate some advise as to which direction we should start out so we would have the tide with us on the paddle back.


Robert G

Need to know the currents
Current direction and tides can change at different times and current speed is related to moon phase


  • Atlantic coast or gulf coast?
  • The speed you paddle?
  • Are there other inlets? Rivers?
  • Are you stopping for 3-1/2 hours or is that your estimated paddling time?
  • Is the 8 miles distance round-trip or one-way?

    And does it really matter in Florida where we’re only talking 24-inches difference between high and low tide heights?

    A more important question might be which way is the wind blowing?

    My short answer: go out upwind and come back downwind.

if you’re

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leaving at 8:30, spending 3.5 hours, that means you're done at 12 noon. High tide at 11:46 is basically the same thing. So whatever way the tide is going it'll still be going that same direction when you're just about done, just slower. Was this a trick question or is there something I'm missing?

The tide will be coming in the inlet for your whole paddle. The only way to have it with you on the way back is to start by heading out of the inlet.