Tie down locations on Sienna

I found this thread through search, but I’m wondering if there is any updated information :


Basically, I’m looking for ideal places for tie downs on a Sienna mini-van (07, but applies to 03 or later). I just looked again, but I see no place for rope in the rear. I see metal loops just behind the wheels, but then the ropes would be off to the side… I see some potential under the hood, but none under the bumper…

Any other Sienna owners out there that can help? Thanks.


Not sure if a 2007 is the same
On my 2002 Sienna, I tie off to the metal tow loops, located just underneath and in front of the rear bumper. I generally carry two canoes or, if I am carrying only one, it is located off to one side of my rack, not directly down the center of the van. Therefore, having the line off to one side (instead of directly in the middle) of the rear of the van doesn’t really bother me.

I also have a trailer hitch that I installed. On occasion I have tied the stern lines to that instead of the tow loops.

At the front, I have homemade strap loops (as described in the archived message you linked to) located near the front corner on each side. They stay under the hood when not in use.

I have traveled many miles with this setup and have not had any problems

2002 isn’t the same as newer model
I have the 2002 Sienna also, and it has front and back tow hooks, as well as tie down spots near the trailer hitch. Some friends have a newer Sienna and don’t have the great tie down points I have.

Original poster…do a search for DuluthMoose or Puffingin…they have a newer Sienna without the tow hooks the older models have. Find one of their old posts and drop them an email through the forum. I bet they can offer advice on how they’ve handled that particular quirk of the newer Sienna.

I love the Sienna, by the way. Mine has 125,000 miles on it so far, and I hope it never wears out! I took out the extra seats when it was new, and I rarely put them back. It’s my canoe carrier and tent on wheels! I usually don’t put up a tent at all when camping…unless it’s a river camping trip, of course!