Tie Down Straps

I have been using the Thule straps that came with the roof rack parts that I bought for a year and a half. I left two of the straps coiled up on the roof of the car and had to buy replacements. I wound up getting two NRS straps.

The NRS straps are fine but they are about half the weight and seem inferior as compared to the Thule. I have just ordered 2 new Thule straps, (twice the price of the NRS), and will keep the NRS straps as spares.

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Holy crap Mark…
I thought only women put loose stuff on the car roof.

Just last week when I was doing the shuttle thing with my vehicle, as I started down the road I thought I heard a sliding sound on the roof, so I pulled over and shore enough there was my wife’s fanny pack (with wallet, etc) wedged up against the back roof bar.

On the straps, I wonder if there are different grades?

I have NRS, Yakama, Thule and Great Outdoor Provisions own brand, and they all seem equal.

I have noticed that the newer ones are stiff.

My Yakama ones are so old that I just keep them as spares.

I found that it is good to keep a bunch of extras in my big gear box that I don’t leave home without, and have given some away here and there as people need them.



Hey Mark !
Hope all is well down topsail way . I’ve seen those that you an jackl are talkin about an they seem to work right well for folks . I just don’t have any experience with em . Use line , takes longer but…Seems like alot of stuff takes longer for me these days . Just a hello out to you !–MArK

Hey Back To Ya SeaYankin Mark
Good to hear from you. Where are you these days? Getting together with a few P.Net folks this w/e and doing Holly Shelter one day and Bear Island the next.

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Better Straps?Surprised no one mentioned

I find the straps in the stores and mail order becoming thinner and thinner too. Strap Works still seems to put out a good product.



Just how strong
do tiedown straps have to be anyway?? IMHO the buckles on some brands don’t grip as well as others, but the straps are all sufficiently strong.

Why bother with straps? Get some 3/8" nylon rope & use the very simple double half hitch to secure your boat very well to your vehicle. If anyone wants my configuration , email me.

Nylon stretches too much. Poly does
not and weathers very well too.

Half hutches are fine. Truckers hitch is even better, tied off with half hitches.

I have all but abandoned straps over the pase months and 3/8 or heavier rope it is!



straps are straps
I hauled alot of things in my years of construction. I have a bucket of really good straps, the kind you want your friends to see that you spent the money and have really great stuff. I used some i got at Big Lots (+/- $1) every day and they were fine. Now when i was taking the flatbed with major lumber I only used true Big Truck 10,000 pound work load or what ever they were…then again those have to pass inspection if I were to be pulled over.

Any general purpose strap from any store will work for the forces applied by a caone or kayak in the wind. I woudl only be afraid if you were using a really cheap ratchet strap. the ratchet would give out first. so don’t worry if they feel or look thinner.


NSR work
I haven’t had any problems with NRS straps. The buckles are firm and I think they are well made.

Thule quality

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I got a set of thules with my Hullavators, and yes, they ARE thicker than NRS or Yakimas. Much denser weave, and have some type of reinforcement woven inside. Be interesting to see how long they last......


PS: I have been using Yakima straps for probably 6 or 7 years on layals, before that it was rope & truckers hitches on canoes. Even though I am careful with the webbing I seem to develop frays in t heYak straps. Not at the interface tween the buvkle and web, but at other places. It will be interesting to see how the Thules stack up.

PPS: I am liking my Hullavator!

I have used the NRS straps for years & they seem fine. Never had one come loose. Recently hauled 2 solo canoes from Indy to Utah & back w/ no problem. A buddy of mine has the Thule straps & they are nice too. I recently bought a bunch of new NRS straps with the padded buckles & I agree w/ Jackl that the new straps seem stiffer.

I once drove 20 miles on a shuttle in MI with a big iron skillet sitting on top of the truck topper. Somehow it stayed there! Another time, I left a camera on top of the truck upon leaving the Wolf R. in WI. I realized my boo boo when I saw the camera in my mirror, bouncing down the highway behind me :frowning: Senior moments, I guess.