Tie downs

This is my first post and I need some help. For those Toyota Sienna owners, or other vehicles w/o tow hooks, etc. in the front of the car: where do I attach a bow tie down? I just bought a Sienna (2006) and there is now where to tie the front end down. All my Yakima rack stuff transfered over just fine, all I need is the front tie down. Help! :slight_smile: I am thinking the hood is not a good place, but maybe I am wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I have a Taurus Station wagon and
suffer the same problem. Next problem i am not one to know car parts by name. I defintely would not tie down the boat to the hood of a vehicle. I use an area in the undercarriage of the vehicle near the radiator and engine mount but am not confident with that tie down area. I would prefer a bumper if i could - but can’t. Not much help from me.

Different car but…
I put S hooks on the undercarriage and just slip the straps on in seconds. Simple and cheap.

A reply to the S hooks: My straps come with hooks, there is nothing to tie to undre the vehicle. It is all composite (plastic) trim, etc. I wonder is the canoe sits back far enough that I could use the wheel well or something. The dealer was not much help, not that I blame them. Thanks for the replies.

install webbing eyestraps
Open your hood. Locate two bolts or sheet metal screws near the front edge of the grill on each side. Remove these screws and install 2 pieces approx 6" webbing in a loop to each. You can leave the webbing tucked inside the hood when not in use.

I don’t know your car but…
I’m sure there is a frame under there. Mine hook to the frame between the bumper and the suspension. I was fortunate to find holes drilled into the metal to hook the hooks. My straps (NRS) just have loop ends that slip right on the hooks so I don’t have lay on the ground looking for those holes every time.

I do have to be a bit careful how I route the straps when I tie down so they don’t bend a couple of the more tender plastic parts or place one too close to the muffler.

Webbing Straps
Here’s an illustration of what jjoven’s talking about. I made mine with webbing and a Wallyworld grommet kit, but I know they’re made commercially too. WW


Another image

Like Hoz said, I make my own. Simply buy a length of 1" nylon webbing – maybe 3 feet. Cut it in half. Melt/sear the cut ends so it doesn’t unravel. Now you have two pieces. Fold each in half. Pick a spot about an inch from the end. Then I don’t even use grommets. I just melt a hole through it (use a soddering iron or even a heated nail).

Lift the hood of the car and find a bolt in appropriate spots to remove, run through the webbing, and screw back in. OR find an already drilled hole and use a new bolt, nut and washers to install.

Here’s a picture showing the top ties on a car


Another vote for web loops!
We have web straps installed in front as mentioned by previous posters and have the web straps in back that shut in the hatch of the vehicle. No crawling on the ground and easy to get in and out of the hatch.

Web loops and stacking livestock have made my life so much easier…

Couldn’t resist a FarSide moment. :^p

You are all great! Thanks for the advice. I will work on this today!

I do believe
that most cars have a hook or hole, front and back somewhere on the frame to enable the vehicle to be tied down when on transport carriers from the factory ie railcars or truck trailers.My wife has a newer Honda that has these.If you search the undercarriage you may find them.

Honda Odysee solution
This is for the Honda Odysee minivan, but might help. http://www.paddling.net/message/showThread.html?fid=advice&tid=505999#506464

Paul S.

The loops work great, easy to install, and In my case with spare straps all over the garrage, free!


sienna doesn’t have ideally placed bolts
… to remove and add webbing loops to. I used a double loop of para cord through two open holes on the sides and toward the front. Careful not to make it too long (whatever you use) or it could get caught in the fan.