can I get some help on tie-down choices for front end of Kayaks??? Own a 2015 Sante Fe and not sure what to use…

use these
use tie down loops under the hood.


google tie down hood loops

Homemade tie downs
Tie loops of rope around anything structural at the front corners of the hood. They poke up around the edge of the hood when you need them and put them under the hood when you don’t

On my 2012 Santa Fe…
…I use these…


There are bolts under the hood close to the upper suspension mounts that can be removed and replaced with the Thule loops under them. They provide a very sturdy attachment and the loops just fold away under the hood when not in use. After 3+ years of use mine show no appreciable wear.

I’ve got the same thing, made by another company, on my 2005 Santa Fe, still work great. Have had them there since the car was new.

Bill H.

This link has varied info in a new mix maybe containing whatchucallem loops


Seattle Fabrics sells seat belt strap use able with 5/16ths grade 5 hardware and smallish fender washers ….McMaster carr prob has a special washer…I’ll look

Here: http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-washers/=10ed4ic


M Carr’s software is recalcitrant
try diamond coated washer

a self leveling washer came with my last order…just super for mounting rotary brushes on a 5/16ths rod for brushig rust off the Puch

I put some garden hose over some rope and tied it to some braces in the trunk.

I use one rope with 2 hooks for the front. I pass it through the boat and hook the hooks on the hood loops.

I use one rope on the Rt. rear.

and just one ratchet strap on the left rear.

one center strap.

If I am going to do 90 on the freeway for long distances I use 4 ratchet straps and 2 straps thru the car on canoes.

I am going to go to just rope and a truckers hitch. When these straps wear out. Less cost space and weight.

with just as much holding power. Less things to go wrong. K.I.S.S. Is my motto. The hooks and ratchets can damage the boat and car. Rope is nice and soft. and you can just leave it on the car if it someone needs a few feet of rope that bad let them have it. Just keep extra rope in the car.

Wal mart sells hooks

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here in marineland where we once had a selection of cammed straps. Not NRS or Seattle Fabrics cammed straps but use able.

This is irresponsible. Hooks are unsafe BECAUSE one end is open to release without foreseeable reason or cause. Hooks are not fail safe enough leaving unforeseen potentials open.


Yawl pulling our leg.