tiedye kayak paddles

I am looking for tiedye or other colored kayak paddles for my daughter. She paddles a 9 foot Liquidlogic remix and is about 5’5’’ tall. Any ideas about where (or if) I can find these?


Search for Swift paddles
I believe they are distributed by Eddyline. I also believe they make touring paddles only, but they laminate some pretty interesting partterns.



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You can paint paddles however you'd like. It'll eventually chip, especially around the edges, but it's easy enough to redo.

If you wanted to use a piece of fabric, you could try laminating it with a piece of glass cloth and epoxy.

Swift: http://www.eddyline.com/swift-paddles/available-fabrics

The Swift Paddles

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Bought my wife one a few years ago and she loves it. It's light, has the adjustable ferrule that's easy to use, and it looks good to boot. Just be prepared to search a lot of paddling shops for one. Took me a few days online to locate one; hers is the tropical flowers. Found it at a shop in Key West (don't remember the name). Here's a couple pics of my wifes, one from Monday. As you see, the "Brighter" side faces the paddler, so she can admire the beauty of it. BTW, it's pretty durable. She uses hers on rocky, Ozark streams. WW

I Remembered the Shop

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"Backcountry Cowboys" was the name of the shop and they were REALLY GREAT TO DEAL WITH. Shipping only took a couple days and it was packed well to prevent damage. Here's a link to the paddles. The one my wife has is the "Tropical pink." WW

Swift Paddles
Definitely look at Swift Paddles made by Eddyline. You’ll see all their patterns on their website

Carlisle - Magic

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make a gold or yellow and orange marble (tiedye) Google image it. I have a 220cm that is looking for a new home. It can be yours for $40 and I'll pay the freight. Not sure why I bought it and don't think I used it but once. 2 pc w/ plastic blades and some kind of glass shaft. Maybe I bought it because it was pretty.

I kep hearing swift
For good reason.

I could care less what a paddle looks like, it just has to work. Swift make the nicest paddle I own and as soon as I can convince a friend his red, Swift paddle is pink and gay and he should sell it: I will have another.

I would buy a GOOD paddle and have someone air brush what ever you want onto it. My daughter is an artist and I suspect most people would find an artisan capable of that close by.

Good luck. I have an old Ainsworth Paddle with a fade effect that looks OK. That is the one I lend to friends that I think may try to chop wood with it.

I would buy a good paddle and have fun painting it.