Tilley hat sizing

I was given a Tilley hat for father’s day. It feels great but after reading the “instructions” I am afraid it might be too small. According to the Tilley information, the hat should fit a little loose – enough to rotate it easily around your head, and to fit two fingers under the band on your forehead. Mine is a little snugger than that, but still very comfortable. Eg, I can fit two fingers under the band, but it’s a tight fit.

Anyway, as I said, the hat feels very comfortable. But I’m concerned that it might feel too tight if it shrinks a little or when I get hot after paddling a while on a summer day. Am I worrying too much about this? The problem is that the hat was ordered on-line so it would be a pain to return it. However, I don’t want to wear it a few times and then find it’s too small and can’t be exchanged.

Sounds like the fit is fine
If you can fit two fingers under, you’re good. If you wet it and let it shrink, you then stretch it out using your knee they way they tell you. You can then customize the size a little bigger or smaller as you wish.

Congrats. My brother just got one for golf and called me over the weekend raving how much he loves it. He’s ordering a second one with a little smaller brim for windy days.

What model?
I have a T5 that I’m breaking in this summer.

Tilley hats rule!

Sounds like yours fits good. I have a Tilly and love it…

Mine’s a T5 as well. I decided to get a broad brimmed hat after sunburning the sides of my head on a long paddle a few weeks ago. My caps just weren’t cutting it.

Worst case scenario
you could always stretch it up a size. I have a hat stretcher that I’ve used a few times. I got mine from someone on eBay cheaper than new:


sierra trading post
Just bought my Tilley from them. They have some REALLY cheap right now, and if you sign up for their emails they send 20% coupons several tiems a week.

Read the washing section of your instructions. Basically, put the hat on your knee, and pull the brim towards you. Do this on 4 sides after every wash. Tilleys are really good about being pre shrunk, even the time I forgot to re-streatch after a wash, it was still comfortable to wear, just a little tighter.