Tilos Superstretch wetsuit, anyone use?

Edgeing is lots harder when I put on the old el cheapo john and jacket, plan to get a 3/2 fullsuit. Anyone have any experience with the new Tilos superstretch stuff?

My Suspicion…
is that the “superstretch”, or “hyperstretch”, or whatever other terms used by different companies are the the same stuff. They are stretchy than some of the older neoprene.

I think the difference between the companies is in the cut of the suit (how many panels to make body fitting suit) in construction and the extra features - like flaps, inside collar, etc, – to minimize water flushing through.

Personally I use a BodyGlove 3/2 which I find really comfortable for surf paddling.


Body Glove
Hey Sing, do you have the new “Vapor” model suit?


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I just bought the one on sale at Sierra Trading Post, not really knowing what to look for. It has worked out well. I like how the multipanel construction formed a tight but unrestrictive fit. I have no problems using it for paddling.

I also have one of the Camaro 2 mm shortie. It's also fine but not as comfortable. Less panels in the design.