Time for a change... help me choose.

I have been paddling Delta 15.5 EX model for over a year now and I am at a point where I want to go faster, have tighter fit, more control, better tracking.

Here are my two choices…

Delta 17(S) model


Impex Currituck


I know delta will have more storage, and is 1" wider. But what about all other things (chines, hull)… what do you think will be more overall (fast, playfull etc) boat?

I have paddled the Currituck and loved it… I will paddle the Delta in two weeks and I am sure I will also love it… should I base my decision stricktly on storage volume??

What say you?

To try…
Clipping out of your post…

“…I am at a point where I want to go faster, have tighter fit, more control, better tracking.

…delta will have more storage, and is 1” wider. what do you think will be more overall (fast, playfull etc) boat?

…should I base my decision strictly on storage volume??"

Two mentions of being interested in things like fit, control, speed and playfulness. And the question is should you base a decision on storage capacity, which doesn’t show up on on either of the list of desirable traits. Nor is there an explanation of how much storage capacity you need - like do you regularly do week long camping trips, that kind of thing.

I read your post, and darned if I could figure out anything to say other than a one word no.

My $.02
1) Paddle both before making a decision. Different models from the same mfr can be totally different from each other. I’d paddle both the Delta sport (low volume) and the expedition (high volume) also.

2) The Delta is thermoplastic, which is much more durable and requires much less coddling than gelcoat. All other things being equal, I’d choose thermoplastic over composite. Some folks say it’s not rigid enough for serious water conditions. I’m not sure I agree with them - structural rigidity depends to some extent on the design of the boat as well as the material. I’ve paddled both thermoplastic and composite boats in fairly rough stuff and have not noticed a difference. Of course, my definition of rough may be a stroll in the park for other folks.

3) Couldn’t tell from the photos if the Delta has a day hatch, which IMHO, is indispensible.

"better tracking"
one thing about the Delta boats, not having ever paddled them, is that they look pretty big and the rudders don’t appear to go very deep in the water. If you want better tracking and you’re coming from a ruddered kayak already I wonder if you’ll be happy with a skegged boat or are up for the control required in a longer boat.

Everything you’ve said points to the Currituck but all of this assumes you’re the right size for these boats to begin with.

Both boats…
… will be paddled side by side in couple of weeks. Going from a 24.5" boat into a 21" Currituck I did not feel unstable at all. I could lean the boat, roll it easely, went straight and turned with a knee lift. The fit in the cockpit was great with the foot pedals pushed all the way back (6’3"-190Lbs).

I know the shape of the two kayaks is different and this is where I need your opinion. The Currituck start of narrow then goes fat at the cocpit and back to narrow. Delta isnt like that… it basically starts off fat and goes like that all the way to the back. What difference, other then storage volume, will this make? I hope I am being clear here but I dont know how else to explain this.

Do you need to make a decision that day?
Still a little unclear as to why you are trying to have a decision well on its way before you have seat time in each of the boats. Are you in a demo situation where you’ll have to choose one or the other that day to get a break on the price or some such?

Also, what kind of camping do you do that wouldn’t be served by a 17 ft plus boat with typical storage for that size?

It will need to be that day…
Typical week outings away from it all. I have a 115L canoe bag that I pack all my stuff into for week long trip and then transfer all the stuff from there in small dry bags into the hatches of my Delta 15.5 and have lots of room to spare.

I guess I will have to decide by myself when i paddle both side by side and pack all my stuff into the boat to see how they handle the load with me and so on.