Time For A New PFD

My old Extrasport is worn out. I paddle year round on Texas lakes and slow rivers. It gets real hot and I find myself not wearing my PFD more often than I should because of the heat. Anyone have any suggestions at $75.00 or less? I’m 5’9" 173 lbs, pretty damn old, and a fairly decent intermediate level paddler and swimmer.

MTI PFDs… $30 they do EXACTLY what…
The “high priced” PFDs do!

Paddle easy,


Check these out

I have found the Stohlquist Drifter to be very comfortable. I don’t own one personally, but bought 8 for work and everyone seems to like them (and wear them). Also, I think someone (Kokatat?) makes a model that can be worn unzipped (it has buckles and zipper) and still meets CG regulations. That might be more comfortable in heat.


The Lotus Mildwater works pretty well for me in hot weather. The mesh back is pretty nice. The Quietwater also has a mesh back and is less expensive, but I’ve never tried one out.

2nd the Mildwater.

Ditto, Mildwater