Time for a paddle

what’s in a word

for me paddle is a verb, though, secondarily, it’s a noun
kayak is a noun, though I will very rarely use is as a verb.

Todays BING picture is of a kayak in Glacier National Park
they caption it as ‘Kayaking in …’
I would have said ‘Paddling in …’

now, later on this morning I’ll be using my Lendal Storm to propel my Turning Point Boatworks Petrel Play in the ‘Four Creeks State Forest’ (northeast FL)

Ah, so

Creeking along,
an “a” out of way,
the verb it is silent,
re-nouned Petrel at play,

and Lendal is Stormy,
least until you’ve addled,
and Boatworks till turning point,
beneath a Gator Tale paddled.