Time stamp on Android 5 hours off

I just submitted a comment to the Spring Ozark Rendezvous Getting Together and Going Paddling thread on my desktop computer. The time stamp for that comment on my desktop computer is 5:25 PM CDT. However when I look at the same comment on my Android device the time stamp is 10:25 PM CDT. The Android is showing the correct time on its homepage and on other web sites. How can I fix this?

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You probably have to log in to this site with your phone. If I look at this site when I’m not logged in, all the times are off by about that amount (though I’ve never paid attention to the actual amount of the time error, I know it’s at least a few hours). I imagine that the software for this message board has a default time-zone setting, and only by “reading” info from people accessing the site is that automatically corrected for the user’s location. I’ve seen other message boards that act this way too.

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My watch gets an hour out of sync with my electronics about 6 months a year but it fixes itself eventually. It’s strange as the car does it too.

A watch? I’ve got 2 good ones on my dresser. Neither has seen my wrist in 4 years.