Time to restring my Valley Avocet

The bungee cords on my roto-molded Valley Avocet are finally losing their stretchiness.

Can anyone advise on how tricky a job it is to restring them? It looks like there are screws through the fittings. Is it any more complicated than unscrewing, running cord, & rescrewing?

I suppose I ought to replace the other lines at the same time since they are all run through the same fittings.

only time I’ve done mine I left fittings

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If you wrap the ends of the new line in tape, you can shape it to a tapered point to make it easier to thread through the fitting eye.

Get the reflective line - it's worth it!

second leaving the fittings on
I have an Aquanaut, and the fittings should be something where you just untie the end of the bungee, pull out, then start running the new bungee through.

I think the comment the prior person said about reflective type would be if you are doing the deck lines. I am, not aware of reflective bungees.

Were to buy
I put bungee cord and deck line on my new cross over kayak that didn’t have enough on it from the factory. I got both bungee cord and deck line and deck fittings from here http://topkayaker.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_19&products_id=403

You should be able to put the line through without removing the deck fittings. Good luck.

yes - my mistake

a great opportunity
to do some customizing.

marine grade cord
I highly recommend searching out the marine grade bungee cord (available on line and at boating supply stores). I’ve used it to restring several boats over the years and it does seem to hold up better. It has a polyester rather than nylon sheath that is more UV resistant and in the stuff I have bought it has a tighter weave to the sheath. And it seems to have a tighter and snugger “recoil” than regular cheap bungee cord.

Piece of cake
I have a glass Avocet that I’ve re-strung all the deck bungies in maybe 1/2 an hour. Definitely leave the fittings in place. I agree with willowleaf regarding marine-grade cord. I prefer 2 of the non-chain marine supply stores in my local area, but use West Marine in a pinch.

Thanks for all the replies. Sounds like it’s a pretty easy job.

Chesapeake Light Craft has bungee cord in several different colors.

I like the idea of reflective perimeter line, too.