Time to Roll/ Tahe Kayaks have arrived!

Well, looks like it is time to hop into the pool and do a few rolls. Tomorrow a nice paddle on Lake Superior.

I just finished unwrapping 5 new Tahe kayaks off the truck including 3 of the Greenland model. Going to be a fun weekend!!!

Cheers…Joe O’


Too Bad!
Too bad you’re sooo far away or I would come out there and paddle the Greenland again. Oh well…have to wait until a dealer gets them around here. LOL!

That Greenland is Beautiful
I really like the black/white/grey color options. I’m not a big fan of loud colors.

Any idea what “Tahe” means or how to pronounce it? Just curious.

beautiful kayaks

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Hi Kudzo,
Yeah, it is a sweet kayak and rolls like nothing I've ever been in before. I think it will get along nicely with my Greenland paddles that I build. :)
All three of mine are in black. May bring in a Grey one on the next order I think.
The way I've heard it pronounced from the distributer is "Tay He"
If you are ever up my way, come see me and we'll do some paddling.

Cheers...Joe O'

I was in Canada a couple of times… all the way to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls! (I’m not very well-travelled). Give a holler if you come to NC. We’ll go play.

Sounds good!
Hopefully someday we will hook up for some paddling. My country or yours. All is good. You road bike too right? That’s my other sport. :slight_smile:

Why are you on the Advice/Questions
Forum? I mean, we can sense you’re excited, but you don’t have a question, or advice.

an advertisement!

So I guess that makes it advice, though
it’s quite a stretch. No doubt it is a PAID advertizement.

It was a mistake. Should have been in the other forum. After I realized it though, posts were up and I did not want to just delete it…but yeah, wrong forum, my mistake.

Advertisement? Not likely. I cater to a small local market. I’m not looking to ship stuff like kayaks all over North America. If I want to advertise, it would be much more selective than to a broad based forum like this. Nice site and all but not that specific to my local area. Don’t take that the wrong way, though some of you will no doubt…

More important than all that…the kayaks themselves. Nice boats work well. I suspect many more dealers will be picking them up over time. As they do, check them out and support your LOCAL dealer! 'Nuff said.

Might want to check your spelling…seeing as you are so paranoid about stuff being mis posted and all…bad spelling may be in your bad books too perhaps? :wink:

You can delete all of this and start
over on the Paddlers Discussion Forum.

You have a problem with it…so just don’t read the posts. Like I sad…I’d already posted it before realizing it was the wrong forum…but replies were already up. I’m not changing it for YOU…you don’t like it…don’t read it. No worries… LOL

" You can delete all of this…"
…and start being less of a tight-a**…

What the hell is your problem with the constant “appropriate forum” whining?

Are you OCD?


some people
might want to know how it rolls, or what else it can do…

I had a greenland like kayak and still interested in them…

It’s great someone brought in a few over this way…

Bring Your Bike
or I’ll bring mine. Just finished the Sunday morning ride (race). About 40 miles.

Let’s see… 40 X 1.62 = three thousand calories. I mean kilograms… I mean…

Nicely said… sounds like a good ride. I’m sitting home right now debaiting on going for a paddle on Superior or jumping on the road bike for a little ride myself. A real win-win situation!

It must get kind of musty…
…that place where you always have your head stuck.


I am very interested in these kayaks.Just bought a new one but I wil be looking into this brand for sure.Beautiful kayak.too bad it doesnt come in white…darn scratches