Time to start an exercise program...

Does anyone know of a webpage that details some good stretching and strength building plans?

Thanks, Chuck


Good luck

Better to join a Y or fitness club.

Medicine ball…
…Try finding a good medicine ball workout routine. I don’t have a website, but i’m sure there is one out there. Even better is if you can find someone of comparable strength as you, and add 2-person medicine ball exercises. These mainly involve throwing and catching using different methods. But you can really gain strength in your torso, legs, and hands. Not only that, its a calorie burner…you’ll walk away sweaty.

Any good physical therapist will be able to recommend a routine for you, and will teach you the proper form.

Join your local Y
Most places have decent equipment and free or very inexpensive help in getting you started in a personal exercise program. The cost per year is pretty reasonable.

I joined 3 weeks ago.
I don’t see any change yet, but I haven’t been yet. Could that be a factor?

Make it fun!
Don’t exercise. It usually isn’t fun and it is hard to keep up. Think of an activity you enjoy that happens to involve exercise. Hiking, biking, trail running, etc. Mountain biking does it for me because it is something I really enjoy. It is a full body workout that has excellent cardio benefits. Exercise for the sake of exercise is impossible for my ADHD self.

On the pnet web site,
go to Guidelines - Safety - Exercises,

and you’ll find a series of articles

about exercises for paddling.

I’d also recommend any aerobic activity,

such as jogging or walking.

Also workout with dumbbells while surfing

on the 'net.

Good luck, and Happy workouts and Paddling!

From what level - to what level?
What age, present fitness, etc.? What sort of improvement are you after?

Paddling.net did a series of articles
on excercises for paddlers that was excellent.

drink beer
one of the most under rated exercises going. gets the endorphins going, makes the whole world look more attractive, you look more attractive, what are you waiting for, act now!

Thanks mickjetblue
That’s what I was looking for.

Just needed examples of some routines.

outside magazine

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Try searching their archives, they have some nice monthly features for function-based exercise. Here are some for people with only 1/2 hour at their disposal:


Try to incorporate a ball by sitting or balancing on when you're doing your routine, you can lower the weight and get more benefit to your core area, which is helpful for kayaking.

Also look at the Dr. Cox stretching exercises. Great if you have a history of back problems.

I'm not a big fan of the exercise tips given here in the newsletter.

excellant, thanks