Has anyone kayaked the Tioga river through Tioga state forest (aka penn grand canyon) I am interested in doing a two day trip but I am concerned about the water level. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pine Creek
Pine Creek flows thru the Pine Creek Gorge AKA “grand cayon of Penn.” This was recently disducced on this board here http://www.paddling.net/message/showThread.html?fid=wtrip&tid=468274

Best contact is http://www.pinecrk.com/

Water is low this year go soon.

thanks for the info
Thanks for the info, I will contact them. June 5-6 I have a party of 4 if you are interested, let me know

pine creek penn
going one way or the other on the weekend of the 29th. i will post on this site how things went ie water level, shuttle, things like that. hopefully some good photos. bob

Pine Creek Outfitters
has a good website. It includes a water gauge for Pine Creek and current weather report. It also gives the optimal river levels needed to paddle on.