TIP: When buying a car-rack or any rack

Just because you have been so generous with your ideas, etc.

Do yourself a favor and compare prices with this site. I would challenge anyone to get lower prices… really :slight_smile:


I just bought my Yakima outdoorsman 300 from them and I alreay received it. I have not installed it yet on my truck but so far the contens appears perfectly new, no complaints.

Not only the prices were substantially lower than anywhere else I looked on the web but they also have more discounts and even a free gift (Nice bag, but not for the rack, just like a picnic bag)

Free-Shipping on orders over $99 --(That could save you $40-$50 dollars easy)

They also have some links in light-green called “Click Here” (see example below)

In-store prices may differ…

»CLICK HERE for info, if in-store price is lower we will match it.

It opens a form where you enter your email address and then you get an email with a “coupon EXTRA10” for 10% additional discount on the entire order! Which you enter in a “coupon box” when entering the order. That saved me extra $37.xx on my order!

I hope you got locks with it !


No, no locks, that is why I am looking :
My rack system does not have locks because it is for the bed of a truck. But I already heard plenty of good ideas how to solve that problems.



The Lasso lock on your link above …
…is on sale is really a thing of beauty. I have mine on order, but I have seen it demoed and it is hefty and good.

Thanks for giving back to Pnet the experiences you have based on the advice you;ve bee given. So many do not take the time to do that, and we all just wonder how all turned out fo them.

:slight_smile: Glad you benefited from the tip :slight_smile:
You were one of the first who helped me with your knowledge when I first came here :slight_smile:

I am not a kayaker yet but always hear they are such nice people. Better educated, more refined than your average sportsman and considerate in terms of the environment and assume polite and very friendly, at least with their own community of kayakers.

It only seems natural we should help each other and especially to those like me, new to the sport who know absolutely nothing!.. They are always in my mind when I am posting. I know that probably many people would like to ask the same dumb questions I ask, but perhaps they are a little shy to do it… So I do it for them! LOL

I am having a discussion on locking cables to secure the kayaks. But now I have to come the conclusion that just about any cable out there CAN BE CUT so… (no conclusion yet)

Please participate if you know something on the subject.