Tips for hanging kayaks?

I'm moving into a new place with an unfinished basement-like storage area, with exposed I-beams on the ceiling. My wife-to-be and I got the idea to hang our touring kayaks (13' and 15', respectively) from the ceiling, to keep them off the floor and protected. We went to the hardware store, picked up some ratcheting cargo straps with hooks on each end and four heavy-duty threaded eye bolts to screw into the ceiling.

The straps are about 1.5'' wide, and I guess my only concern is damaging the hulls of our plastic boats. I figure it makes sense to try to space the straps so that they support at the bulkheads, yes? We also have four of those foam car-topper blocks that we used before we got a rack. Does it make sense to put those over the cargo straps before putting the boats on there? They may have other benefits anyhow, as they'll keep the straps separated while we're trying to wrestle the boats in and out of the supports!

Any other tips?



That’s What I was told…
when I called Perception up once with that question.


My 'glass boat is hung in the living room, using the Thule roof rack straps spaced as consistently as possible with the bulkheads. I use the straps as a hoist to make it easier to lower and raise. Used utility hooks rated at 60# each and searched for the right beams.

hang on the side
with the straps as close as possible to the bheads. You’ll be fine.

Also - out of direct intense sunlight if your boats are plastic!

On sides
Plastic yaks are best hung on their sides.

Hung on their sides with the straps as close to the bukheads as possible and you should be fine.

Great, thanks all. There’s only a small window looking into the basement, so light shouldn’t be a problem.

Looks like this’ll be my weekend project… after I get moved in :slight_smile:

I did this too
I hung my 12.5’ plastic kayak in my basement this winter (I have since had it on the water once this spring!!). I used the same 1 1/2" Home Depot ratchet straps that I use to secure it on the roof of my minivan (using pipe insulation on the crossbars).

My only problem was that I hung it up by myself, while my kids were watching. I had one end up, and as I lifted the other end, the first end slipped out and went through a sheetrock wall. My kids just stared at me terrified until I started laughing. I have since patched the wall. I tried to tell my wife that it was the kid’s fault, but she wouldn’t buy it.

Next winter I’ll ask for help hanging up my boat.

This is how I did it
works great for me. There are also a few pics of my trailer.

the ones with the hole in them,I ran a rope through for the front hanger it holds the loop open for the yak and the rear hangers hooks are mounted on a T-bar about a foot down from the beams. slide the boat in front then hook the outside rear strap. just use a 6’or so long loop of strap or rope for the rear no need for buckles or hooks