tips for storing Kayaks for the winter

With unusually cold weather in New England, I stored four of my kayaks for the winter. They are all on foam blocks so the hulls will not be distorted by uneven pressure. They have cockpit covers on and a tarp tied to cover them from the sun’s rays. Any other suggestions?

Move to California or some other warmer place where you can easily paddle year round… Much better for the kayak.

Try to keep the foam block/supports

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Under where the bulkheads are

Jack L

Maybe upside down?
The deck should be plenty solid, and water or snow is not going to build up on the cockpit cover to challenge it.

Winter storage for kayaks
Thanks for the helpful tips–even the one to move to California.

Next week I will probably be paddling an “unstored” kayak if the weather is warmer.

don’t leave your socks inside it
if you want to wear them again.

A little sock told me.