Tips on paddling Pensacola FL.

I would appreciate any information regarding paddling in the the Pensacola area. I will be there for a lengthy period of time and have the opportunity to take both my flat water kayak and sea kayak.

I would be interested in details of flat water as the boat I use for training (SRS Delphine)is tippy and can take very little chop (especially with me in it).

Regarding sea kayaking; I would like to know if there are reasonbly calm waters in bays or off the immediate coast. My experience has been with the Great Lakes (mostly Lake Ontario) and I have trouble with large waves.

Any info regarding best places to paddle for both flat and ocean waters would be appreciated.



Pensacola Paddling

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There are plenty of good places to Kayak in and around Pensacola.

You could do the sound right outside of Gulf Breeze. It's pretty calm most of the time. Can be choppy,depending on weather, and with boat wake
The sound also leads to the Gulf. It's great because you can kayak past Fort Pickens which is an old Civil War era fort. You can explore which is neat because after Hurricane Ivan it's the only way to get there.

Paddling in the Gulf is pretty ok depending on the weather and time of day of course. It's usually pretty calm. Also nearby is Blackwater River. It has a ton of Outfitters that can put you in anywhere from 1-30 miles up river. I did 20 miles two weeks ago and came across a pretty hairy log jam though. You've also got coldwater creek, titi creek, the yellow river, tons of lagoons, the sound, bays,Hurricane Lake, the list goes on and on. Personally I love it down here. You can find somewhere different to paddle every weekend.

there is (or was)
a fairly active canoe club there when I was in flight school in 1980. I assume they are still around. there are lots of canoe liveries up near Whiting field ( Milton?) .

I think the club was the West Fl. Canoe club. They were still active about 1992 when I “found” one member I’d paddled with on the old Compuserve net.

Thanks guys!
I appreciate the info. It appears I will have the best of both worlds (flat water and some surf).

I can’t wait.


great acess at the Naval air station and you can paddle across the bay to the non motorized area near the fort. The light house is a nice place to eat lunch and the Naval air museum is Really nice!